Why Medic?

Research shows that 81 percent of adults use over-the-counter medicines as a first response to minor ailments. The problem is most of these ailments occur outside of home, especially at work. That's where our 24/7 Convenience Center comes to the rescue with products for relief where you work and play.

Our Philosophy

Medic is committed to providing convenient access to quality health and personal care products for individuals in need of relief from acute non-emergency conditions and situations, with an emphasis on communication for informed choices about self-care.

The Medic Benefits

Health & Wellness

Pharmacist selected brand medication and products facilitate self-care and enhance well-being.


Digital media for drug facts and product information review.

24 Hour Convenience

In locations where you work, live, and play, the 24/7 Convenience Center delivers product via the latest vending technology, including multiple cashless payment options.

Bring Medic To Your Facility

To request more information about our 24/7 Convenience Center, please complete our customer contact form.

What Type Of Facility Do You Have?

Office Building
Fitness Center
College Dorm

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